Meet a smile min EnQiu

Meet a smile min EnQiu, this words to say, this is some difficult, but as long

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Qingyuan Ecomiss Technology Company Limited is a national grade Hi-Tech company,is specialized in environmental protection technology products and service.Ecomiss offer the technology, machinery and service to manufacturing industry, especially in electronics products assembly and industrial products production,The company provide solution to customers,such as plating machines, SMT machines,LED lights assembly machines and so on.

Ecomiss is founded by Mr.Van Jay,a 37years old young man and his team members, in his experience,he worked as a Project Manager for R&D of Electronics Dept. in the world’s most biggest OEM and EMS service enterprise, Foxconn International,with years of experience in Foxconn,his environment protection and international idea developed from then on. in his experiences before,he faced and solved lots of industrial problems with his team.For share his idea and technology to more and more people,more and more company, Mr.Van Jay established Qingyuan Ecomiss Technology Company Limited.

With an office half hour to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and only one hour to the company’s Shenzhen manufacturing plant. Ecomiss offer their solutions to the customer all of the world.

Let the past, with the wind

Once the countless times you face appeared, although is blurry. 

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